Sunday, April 3, 2016

9. Skin disease in 2 male, not neuterd Papillons

Sat April 2, 2016

Most Singaporean pet owners will just consult the vet nearby and so I was surprised to see the 2 male Papillons from East Singapore.

One had very intense skin itchiness from head to paws. He keeps scratching all day and night. So the couple probably surfed the net and brought them to see me. The other had a few ashes on the body and less scratching.

"It looks like a case of bite wounds due to bullying or play biting," I advised clipping bald of the serious skin diseased dog or both dogs. "Male dogs want to dominate each other as they are not neutered.

"The bite wounds get infected over time and become very itchy. So the dog keeps scratching. These are likely bacterial rashes as I don't find any fungal infections."

The husband was not convinced the skin disease was due to biting. After clipping both dogs bald, the wife saw 6 small wounds in an arc in the lower neck skin of the less infected dominant dog. "These are bite wounds," she said and I agreed.

"Likely to be the 6 incisor front teeth of the bullied male," I did not snap an image as evidence. "He fought back and managed to nip the neck of the bully."

What's the solution.
Neutering. However, the husband did not want neutering as this will take out the life and energy of the male dogs.
"Give them more outdoor space to run" I presumed the couple lived in a house. But a small apartment is where the two males live and so there will be bullying.

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