Sunday, April 17, 2016

24. Urethral stones- cannot pee

Mon April 18, 2016

A woman in her late 40s surfed the net and brought the dog to me today. The previous vet had x rayed and showed small urinary stones stones. The vet prescribed medication. On the next visit, the same vet prescribed medication.  This happened over the past 3 months. But today, the dog vomited 6 x in 2 days and now could not pee.The bladder was mango-sized.

X rays after taking out the urine and pumping in 20 ml air to get good contrast.

I need to process the x-rays by labelling them for the owner to read. I WhatsApp to owner to show  the stones. They could not be peed out. Urethrotomy was done.

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