Monday, April 4, 2016

13. A 14-year-old growling Jack Russell "vomits"

Monday April 4, 2016

This male 14-year-old Jack Russell growls at me but his back limbs trembles most of the time. Is he afraid of me or has he some nervous disease of old age?

I saw him as a young puppy and now he is a senior citizen. The owner used to feed him chicken bones and he used to vomit and get diarrhoea. That was in the past.

The owner is busy as a travel agent driver and so is vague on the dog's symptoms. "I noted that he was not active and had vomited once or more...I don't know."

The dog has fever and his eyes would close now and then. He limped on hi right hind. The owner will arm lock his head while I examine the dog. "There is the heart murmur on the left side," I said. "He might be "coughing" rather than vomiting".

Blood test showed bacteraemia and low red cell count and haemoglobin. 

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