Tuesday, April 26, 2016

29. A 5-year-old terrapin bites as he has mouth ulcers

Sat April 23, 2016. Day 3 of hospitalisation and treatment

The terrapin had swollen eyes and will not eat. Terrapins don't eat when they can't see. So, the owner was concerned and brought him to Toa Payoh Vets. He was warded for 3 days. On Day 1, he would open his mouth whenever we tried to get her to open her mouth. Most terrapins will keep their mouths shut and withdraw their heads inside the shell.

So, was this an aggressive terrapin?
As he opened his mouth on slight provocation, I could examine his mouth. The tongue was swollen and ulcerated. As he opened his mouth, we squirted baytril antibiotic into his mouth and that was how he got his medication for the next 2 days.

Eyes no longer swollen and corneas have cleared. Infection is the cause. Poor tank or water hygiene.  The tongue was much swollen and ulcerated on Day 1 and the terrapin was aggressive, opening his mouth to bite every time I approach his lips with the syringe. I observed him regurgitating cloudy water which drooled to his chin area. That was on Day 1. 

It is difficult to examine the biting terrapin's tongue on Day 3 of hospitalisation. He is wiser now and does not open his mouth readily as inflammation had subsided after oral baytril antibiotics for the past 2 days.

He is very active goes home today. You can see that his tongue has firmed and become smaller (no more inflamed) at the first few seconds of the video. I note that he does not regurgitate or "drool" as on Day 1. This drooling was likely a case of stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth), just as dogs with severe mouth ulcers drool too.

A very well cared for good bodily condition terrapin
A busy Saturday for Dr Daniel and vet assistant Judy and receptionist Judy. No time to sit and eat
lunch leisuredly.

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