Friday, April 15, 2016

22. How long does it take to neuter a 6-month-old Cavapoo? 14 minutes

April 15, 2016
Toa Payoh Vets

A breeder brought in a 6-month-old black Cavapoo for neuter (video). He believes that the younger a dog is neutered, the less likely he is to urine mark.This is usually correct.

2.36 pm   Inject Domitor + Ketamine 0.13 + 0.15 ml in one syringe IV with added Hartmann's to make up 0.5 ml. Neuter surgery. 2 testicles
2.50 pm  Dog 's skin is stitched. 

There is a short duration of IV anaesthesia after injection. This case study shows it is at least 14 minutes.

The vet must clip the operation area before sedation to save time.
2 testicles were removed. Open method. One ligature of the spermatic cord. 5 throws on either side. 2 skin sutures, interrupted. Skin incision 0.5 cm. (video).   Dog woke up without the need for Antisedan antidote to reverse Domitor.  

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