Wednesday, April 27, 2016

30. The top pet hotel in Singapore

April 27, 2016

At 2 pm, I drove to 27B Loewen Road, off Dempsey Road to look for a veterinary clinic called Sinpets.

It had closed around 6 months ago, according to the staff of the one-year-old The Wagington Luxury Pet Hotels & Resorts which was its neighbour.

I was invited in by the proprietor and this pet hotel is top in its standard of service.

Owners can view their pets on CCTV.
There is a swimming pool for dogs and owners. There is a shower for owners.

Groomers are available and de-ticking service is provided.  The building is a large 2-storey detached black and white bungalow converted into a pet hotel and resort.  

This is Singapore's only luxurious boarding hotel for dogs and cats, fully air-conditioned and free of smells at the time of my visit.  Great location and great place for your pets. 

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