Sunday, April 3, 2016

10. Skin disease. Spending over $1,000 on skin disease treatment of a Jack Russell - ventral dermatitis

Sunday Apr 4, 2016

"Is there a cure for my dog as I had spent over $1,000 in veterinary fees to treat my itchy Jack Russell," the lady had consulted me in Oct 2015 for the itch skin disease. She did not return for a review one month later as advised as the dog had fully grown a coat.

She had consulted 3 vets for the skin disease before Oct 2015 without successful permanent cures and that added to the veterinary expenses.

Now the Jack Russell has a big bare red belly with white rings of various sizes but the 2-cm across rings were prominent. She had treated the dog with over-the-counter shampoos and other medications but the dog scratched more.

I showed the lady they glowed under the ultraviolet light and examined the hairs under the microscope. Ringworm is the diagnosis as in Oct 2015. Other parts of the skin had rashes hidden under the thick wiry coat.

The dog was clipped bald and looked like a Dalmatian with red spots (video). Generalised ringworm again.


"There are ringworm-contaminated places in your apartment. The dog lies down on this area and gets re-infected after recovery in Nov/Dec 2015," I said.
"He lies down anywhere," the mum said.

"Which is his favourite spot?"

After much thought, the mother concluded it was the floor under the piano. Thorough decontamination of the floor is needed. The dog ought to be reviewed in one month's time.  This is a recurring case of ventral dermatitis due to ringworm which had spread throughout the body. I suspected that the dog did not fully recovered as the owner did not return for the review.

Skin diseases can be expensive to treat. The owner may not comply with treatment instructions and the dog may reject the tablets. A monthly review is necessary but many owners do not bother.

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