Tuesday, April 12, 2016

21. The black and white cat vomits hairball again. FUS?

Tuesday April 12, 2016

"He is a devil at home," the daughter brought this 2.5-year-old cat to consult me today as regards his recurrence of vomiting hair ball yesterday.  The cat permitted me to examine him without clawing me and I said he was a gentle cat. He would growl at the owners whenever they handled and petted him.

"Has he got a nemesis?" I asked her. "Another male neutered cat that stress him. He is living in a multi-cat household and there may be conflicts of personality."
"Yes, yes, there is another male cat of similar size. He tries to avoid him."
"But they all share the same gully trap to pee," I said. "So he may be upset by sharing the same elimination area."

I examined his genitals. No swollen prepuce this time compared to 6 weeks ago when he came for unusual frequent hair vomiting. However, his penile organ was deep purple and leaked urine. I palpated his bladder and he reacted. So, the could be a case of FLUTD.

I advised a separate peeing area e.g. newspaper with his urine in a corner of the bathroom.

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