Friday, May 13, 2016

41. The wrapped Yorkshire puppy is saved by an elective Caesarean section

Friday  May 13, 2016

The breeder has a heavy responsibility to decide on whether to go for elective Caesarean section. He would tell me that it is better to do before midnight as it may be too late. So he phoned me 2 days ago to stand by as he preferred me to do it. 6 months ago, a young vet in another practice delivered 8 dead Corgis by Caesarean section and he never went back to the practice. So he preferred an old vet with experience and I had to do it. 

Case of the wrapped around puppy

May 13, 2016  5pm
Yorkshire Terrier, 3.6 kg, T=38C. No panting or contraction
61st day. Full of milk.  T=37.1 this morning and so at 38C, this means the time is right for C-section as the temperature will drop and then go up, indicating the correct timing.

"5 puppies," the Myanmar assistant guessed. The Yorkshire certainly looked heavily pregnant.
A: Injection of induction drugs:  NA
B: Isoflurane gas firs given   5:15pm
C  Isoflurane gas stopped   6.16 pm
D: First skin incision: 5.41 pm
E: Completion of skin stitching  6:16 pm

E-D= 35 minutes to perform the surgery with the breeder taking care of the 3 puppies.
E-B = 1 hour for the whole process.   3 vigorous puppies and a happy satisfied breeder

The first pup had been wrapped around by the placenta and so I gave the whole pup to the breeder. The other 2 pups had the umbilical cords.

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