Saturday, May 28, 2016

51. Follow up: May 23, 2016 visit to the breeder's farm - to see the 3 Caesarean patients ------ a Corgi and 2 Yorkshire Terriers

May 23, 2016
Today, I visited the breeder to check on the Corgi that had an emergency Caesarean section. 2 well developed puppies were delivered alive but one with the full-collar was much distressed and passed away. 

The dam had difficulty giving birth. This was the dam that the other vet had delivered 8 dead pups by Caesarean section and the breeder was not happy with the loss. The breeder claimed that this vet had used IV sedation before giving the gas. The sedatives killed the puppies.

For my Caesarean sections, I used only isoflurane gas + oxygen and all normal healthy puppies come out vigorous and crying loudly.

The Corgi dam was healthy and barking away as shown in the video.  Her surviving pup was given to the Cavalier King Charles dam to nurse. The King Charles had delivered naturally 2 puppies and so she was able to support the Corgi pup.


At the same time, I viewed the two Yorkshire Terrier dams I had performed Caesarean sections. The pups were thriving. One pup of one dam had suckled so much and became gigantic, being twice the size of the other pups.  The videos will show what I mean.

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