Thursday, May 12, 2016

38. A 1-year-old dwarf hamster has a swollen left lip commissure

Thursday May 12, 2016

Hamsters may be very small and live a short 2-3 years, but they are much loved. I got a phone call today about a possible lump inside the left cheek area of this dwarf hamster. The first vet had pried open the hamster's mouth and saw the swelling inside the cheek. It could be cancer.

The dwarf hamster did not like his mouth opened by the vet, struggled and squealed. The owner felt the hamster's pain of squealing.

So the daughter did an internet research and according to her, an internet forum recommended Toa Payoh Vets for hamster treatment. So, the social media sent her to me.

Dr Daniel gave the hamster a bit of isoflurane gas to examine his mouth thoroughly.  "The cheek pouch is not infected or impacted with seeds," he said to the mother and daughter. He showed the swelling which could be an inflammation.

"It could be an abscess or traumatic injury," he said.
"It could be a wound from a sharp piece of a sunflower seed," I said. "Within 10 days of medication, you will know."

The owners were happy that the beloved hamster has no cancer.


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