Wednesday, May 11, 2016

37. An 8-year-old Maltese has a deep and wide perineal hernia - mesh repair

When the hernia recurs, it is difficult to justify spending money on another surgery. This time, the surgery will cost more as it involves a $300 hernia mesh to plug up the hole like a net. The hole is so large - it cannot be simply stitched up.

In this Maltese, I advised twice. Lately, he had generalised skin infections including tail biting and scootering. A creamy pus in some volume was expressed from both glands. The large right hernia mass was not painful. The dog could still pee and poop normally.

"I can feel the large intestines trapped inside the right hernia. A gas-like crunching sound. The mesh repair is needed. Now the dog's intestines are not twisted and  so the dog behaves normally. One day, the intestines will twist and the dog will be in great pain and shock. An emergency surgery will be needed and the dog may die on the operating table."

The father went home to discuss with the career daughter who phoned me.

"The skin disease is generalised and so the dog is not fit for surgery," I said. "Wait one month."

As a first attempt, the vet will not use the mesh repair to reduce costs. But in some severe cases, there is no choice and the owner must be well informed.

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