Monday, March 28, 2016

3. A 3-year-old rabbit went to the vet for tooth trimming for the past 3 years but now needed extraction of overgrown teeth

March 28, 2016

VIDEO. A rabbit has overgrown curved lower front teeth.

"Every 2 months, for the past 3 years, I will bring him to the vet to have his overgrown lower front teeth clipped by the vet," the lady in her late 30s said to me. "Sometimes, the teeth fracture and so there is no need to go. 

Now I want the teeth extracted and I had phoned some vets. But they said they only clip the teeth and not do extraction. I remember your receptionist saying that Toa Payoh Vets do extract rabbit teeth and so I am here."

"The rabbit has 6 front teeth," I opened the rabbit's mouth. "4 upper front teeth and the two lower ones you see."  She was surprised to see two upper front teeth curled inwards and downwards onto the floor of the mouth. However, the other two upper front teeth behind the front upper front teeth are small and short and did not curl.

Anatomy - Dentistry of normal front teeth location - Illustration and images

"Nobody told me that my rabbit had curled upper front teeth," the lady was astonished. "The vet assistant would would bring the rabbit to the treatment room for clipping and return the rabbit to me all these years! Poor rabbit. She must have suffered from the pain of the upper front teeth growing into the floor of her mouth!"

Dr Daniel of Queen's Veterinary Surgery
Sedation and gas anaesthesia.
Rabbit dental equipment
The owner must be warned that the upper right tooth could not be fully extracted and there might be a re-appearance of the tooth.

In dental extraction, the vet takes out as much as possible of the deep root. However, no vet can guarantee that there will never be re-appearance of the teeth after   

This male 3-year-old white rabbit does not eat hay and is fussy about what he eats. Could it be the overgrown lower and upper front teeth make it difficult for him to enjoy his hay and certain types of food?  Will he enjoy his hay now?  A follow up will provide the answers.   

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